3D Leather Wall Panel


It is a blend of smooth line and spatial geometric shapes. It produces various compound modes signifying different aesthetics with the fortissimo changeability and figurability and presents us with an aesthetic perception of brief, exquisite as well as powerfull

Apollo, Burmuda, Log, Izmir, Wave, Diamond, Pyramid, Galaxy, Rainbow, Diana, Square, Sahara, Wifi, Paraiso, Babel, Cambridge, Youth, Starlit


It is widely used in traditional architecture, textile chinaware, such as Dunhuang frescoes, ethnic minority costume. It not only beautifies our life, but also enriches our inner world. In modern home decor, flower design is an essential sort of art element. It endows flower with vitality and richness by means of simplified, exaggerated, additive, and geometric forms. And then it enhances the liveness and nature of modern home decor.

Angkor,  Flora, Amazona, Golestan, Baroque, Augusta and Babylon


It consist of chinese traditional element (for example, chinese knot, dragon, totem, plum blossom etc) and modern home design. It shows the quintessence and charm of traditional culture by artistic expression techniques of modern design. Meanwhile, it also embodies the spiritual pursuit and cultural foundation of modern home decor.

Dragon, Jurassic, Time, Esfahan, Pattaya, and Happiness

3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-42


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-43


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-54


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-63


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-10


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-11


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-12


3D Beige Leather Wall Panel - xk-13

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